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Dog and puppy obedience

Dog and puppy obedience
To gain your dog’s obedience, try these essential tips.

You’re the boss

If you give your dog a free reign in your house, they’ll assume they’re the pack leader and can do what they like. Be strict until your dog knows their place - no sofa, no bed, no treats. And talk to them in a calm, firm voice.

Be consistent

If you let your dog on the bed, but your partner pushes them off, you’ll just confuse your dog. So everyone involved in your dog’s life needs to agree on what’s allowed and what isn’t - and then stick to it.

Be consistent with your commands, too. You’ll have more success with one simple command like ‘No’ than with a mixture of ‘Don’t do that!' ‘Stop it!’ and ‘Oi!’. Get everyone to stick to the same commands and it’ll be easier for your dog to understand each person.

Don’t tell your dog off after the event

If you arrive home one day to find your slippers in tatters, it’s too late to tell your dog off for chewing it. Your dog won’t associate something they did earlier with being told off. Telling off only ever works if you catch your dog in the act.

Repeat, reward and reinforce

Remember the three R’s of training. Repeat the same exercises again and again, with heaps of praise and lots of your dog’s favourite treats. Keep repeating it on different days and in different places to make sure your dog has learnt the behaviour you want
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