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Getting a Dog

The right name for your puppy

The right name for your puppy

Young dogs need a lot of attention and training, and a personal approach works best. For this reason, it is important that you find a suitable name for your puppy. Breeders normally give puppies litter names to tell them apart, which are sometimes quite unimaginative. Luckily, very young puppies are unlikely to learn and remember their litter name, so it will be easy for you to give them a new one once you have taken them home. However, choose carefully – you and your dog will have to live with your name choice! You must also remember that your dog will eventually grow up, so a name that might suit a cute little puppy may not work so well once they are older.

Dog names

You should use a one or two-syllable name for your dog, as longer names may be difficult for your dog to learn. A dog's name should be easy to understand, but should not sound hard. For dogs, the sound is important, not the word content. We have compiled a list of some dog names for you to give you some inspiration:

A: Ace, Aero, Addie, Alex, Alfie, Alpha, Amber, Andy, Angie, Angus, Apollo, Asta, Axel

B: Bailey, Banjo, Basil, Benji, Bessy, Billy, Biscuit, Blossom, Bobby, Bonnie, Bruno, Buddy

C: Caesar, Carlos, Casper, Cassie, Carlos, Charlie, Chico, Chloe, Coco, Cody, Comet, Cookie

D: Daisy, Debbie, Dennis, Dex, Dixie, Django, Dolly, Domino, Donald, Duke E: Ebony, Echo, Eddy, Edie, Elsa, Emma, Ella, Elvis, Eric, Esko, Evie

F: Faith, Falco, Felix, Ferdy, Ferris, Fido, Fifi, Flash, Flo, Fox, Franco, Freddy

G: Gabby, Gadget, Genie, Ghost, Gina, Ginger, Goldie, Gonzo, Grace, Gypsy

H: Harley, Harry, Hayley, Hazel, Hector, Heidi, Helix, Hershey, Holly, Homer, Honey

I: Igor, Ike, Indie, Inka, Iris, Isla, Izzie, Ivory, Ivy

J: Jace, Jack, Jade, Jake, Jess, Jessie, Jimmy, Julie, Juno, Jupiter

K: Kaito, Kane, Katie, Kayla, Khaleesi, Kiki, King, Kipper,

L: Lady, Laika, Lassie, Layla, Leo, Lexi, Lily, Lola, Louie, Lucky

M: Mabel, Macho, Maggie, Marco, Matilda, Merlin, Mia, Micky, Molly, Muffin

N: Nacho, Nala, Nancy, Nando, Nelly, Nemo, Nikki, Nino, Nora

O: Ocean, Odin, Olaf, Olivia, Ollie, Orchid, Oreo, Oscar, Oxo

P: Paco, Paddy, Panda, Peggy, Penny, Pixie, Pluto, Polly, Poppy, Princess

Q: Queenie, Quick, Quin, Quincy, Quinto

R: Rambo, Raven, Rex, Ricky, Ringo, Rocky, Romeo, Romy, Roxy, Ruby

S: Sage, Sammy, Sandy, Sascha, Shadow, Sierra, Sky, Snoopy, Star, Sultan, Susie

T: Taco, Taro, Terry, Tess, Thunder, Tiger, Tilly, Timmy, Tommy, Tony

U: Udin, Ulf, Umba, Umbro, Una, Uno

V: Valko, Velvet, Venus, Victor, Vinnie, Violet

W: Waldo, Wanda, Whisky, Whisper, Wilson, Wolf

X: Xarco, Xena, Xeno, Xylo

Y: Yeti, Yoda, Yorkie, Yoyo

Z: Zac, Zara, Zelda, Zeus, Zoe, Zorro

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